Coping with stress

by Kaari Kink @ 18.01.2019

Coping with stress - Triumf Team perspective

Everyday life can get hectic at times and some days are more stressful than others. Sometimes it’s the smallest things are creating the biggest worries. In the light of the increasing prevalence and awareness of mental health, our new blog post focuse...

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Setting goals for 2019

by Kadri Haljas @ 11.01.2019

First of all, our team wishes everyone all the best for 2019. May this year bring you all lots of amazing opportunities and wonderful experiences! So are you ready for 2019? We definitely are! Here are some of our goals we aim to reach this year, presented in a short and simple way....

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Play is the way to healthier life

by Riin Tark @ 28.12.2018

Digital health interventions such as the Triumf game have great potential as health improving scalable tools by contributing to the effectiveness, accessibility and personalisation of healthcare delivery. However, digital health interventions (as any other intervention) need to be evaluated using pr...

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Happy Holidays

by Kadri Haljas @ 24.12.2018

Can you imagine that it’s already the third Christmas we are celebrating as team Triumf? This has surely been an eventful year for us thus far. Here we would like to send the warmest seasonal greetings to our supporters and write about our achievements this year. Thank you, team members and everyo...

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Addressing and treating childhood obesity

by Kaari Kink @ 20.12.2018

A lot of our blog posts have focussed on childhood cancer. However, in addition to pediatric cancer patients, Triumf Health also supports children who are affected by obesity and/or diabetes. In this blog post we want to give an overview why we think addressing and treating these conditions is essen...

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Game code: Interview with Triumf game developers and code masters!

by Anna Suarez @ 29.11.2018

Mobile games seem so easy to play. But is it easy to create them? Especially something as specific as health games for children with serious chronic diseases? We asked our dev team, Pepi and Lea, to answer some questions about it.

Anna: Now you had to design a game for kids. Was it different? Wha...

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Good screen, bad screen: Addressing parents’ concerns about mHealth solutions

by Anna Suarez @ 26.10.2018

Why do parents often hesitate before providing mobile health treatment for their children? Here we address 5 common concerns.

All parents want the best for their children. So when a child gets a serious diagnosis, they are usually ready to provide any treatment and support available. However, nove...

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The Superpowers of physical activity

by Kaari Kink @ 20.09.2018

The importance of physical activity and harmful effects of inactivity are becoming more and more evident. Organisations are investing more resources to tackle the rising trend of inactivity and the burden it places on healthcare. Having this in mind, in this post we look into the current research of...

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Van Anh's farewell: "Decision to work at Triumf Health is my best one"

by Van Anh @ 03.09.2018

We have not noticed how time passed and we have to say our farewells to our wonderful intern Van Anh. You have done amazing work at the company! In this post Van Anh shares her experience and thoughts about her time with the Triumf team.

Time flies at Triumf Health. I cannot believe that my 3-mọ...

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Healthier body leads to healthier mind

by Kaari Kink @ 22.08.2018

I’m Kaari - a 22-year old Estonian, who can most often be found dancing in public spaces. Like the most of us, I want to make a change, which is why I am super excited to join the Triumf team and contribute towards their Superhero ambition.

I am currently studying Sport and Exercise science in Uni...

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From prototype to functional product and clinical trials in a year

by Risto @ 13.08.2018

Our blog has been rather quiet during the summer because our focus has fully been on patients and game development. As you might know, we are currently in the middle of clinical trials to scientifically evaluate the effect of Triumf mobile health game on mental wellbeing and health related quality o...

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Reaching out to hospitals is no easy task

by Van Anh @ 02.08.2018

Are hospitals and medical professionals easy to reach and accept digital health solutions? Van Anh shares experience during her summer internship and shows the path team Triumf is taking on that matter.

With dramatic transformation of healthcare, more and more doctors are adopting digital health s...

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Welcome, Van Anh

by Van Anh/Team Triumf @ 28.06.2018

Oh, a fresh insight? Van Anh, you have the floor!

Every startup has its own unique set of challenges and problems. By knowing the challenges and having an idea of how to overcome them, we can get a better chance of beating the odds to make our startup a success. The road to success is absolutely...

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Georgi in Tartu

by Georgi Merdzhanov @ 24.06.2018

Inspiration from the Science Capital of Estonia

A conference on Applications in Cultural Evolution: Arts, Languages, Technologies took place on June 5-8 in Tartu, Estonia.

The announced topics of the conference attracted our team’s attention. There were lectures on games, narratives, and hea...

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Riin and CHI2018

by Riin Tark @ 23.05.2018

A busy week in Montreal? Yes, according to our very own ambassador Riin. Check her post out!

If you have been following our Facebook page, you are possibly aware that our short paper (warning for the length of the paper and conference names) „The Development of Digital Health Intervention for Re...

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Stories from the Medical Capital

by Kadri Haljas @ 14.05.2018

This is Cleveland calling!

Cleveland – the hub of health innovations

Cleveland can be considered as the Medical Capital of the World. It has incredibly lively health technology ecosystem and its Global Center for Health Innovation truly seems like one of a kind. Not to mention that Cleveland ...

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Team Triumf at Making Games Seminar in Tampere, Finland

by Risto Haljas @ 11.05.2018

Risto Haljas provides highlights of a very interesting event for all the game developers out there.

April 24-25 2018 were busy days for our development department as I and Georgi from the narrative side made a road trip to Tampere with Pinon from our barking and retrieving department. We all had a...

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Why we need heroes

by Georgi Merdzhanov @ 02.05.2018

Georgi Merdzhanov, a PhD student in History of Rhetoric, is writing about the reasons behind our love and need for superheroes!

My name is Georgi Merdzhanov and I’m a PhD student in History of Rhetoric. During my internship as Narrative Designer, I’m involved in the creation of the narrative f...

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Smart(phone) apps for mental health and how to choose them wisely

by Anna Suarez @ 26.03.2018

Mobile apps claim to help in coping with mental health problems, but few have been thoroughly tested. How to pick the safe one among thousands on offer?

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Game testing insights

by Riin Tark & Jose Prieto @ 04.03.2018

In the end of January we had another testing round of the game together with (former) pediatric cancer patients. Read on to see what we learned from this testing period.

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The knowledge from Silicon Valley

by Kadri Haljas @ 17.02.2018

Greetings from San Francisco: Startup Grind Global Conference, Rock Health and meeting with HopeLab

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Science is a superpower

by Kadri Haljas @ 31.01.2018

We applied for Mobilitas Pluss programme that aims to bring young researchers to Estonia to be able to conduct clinical trials based on our solution for ill children.

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What is Designing for Children talkoot and why we spent a whole weekend there

by Riin Tark @ 24.01.2018

We were happy to be invited to be part of Designing for Children Guide Talkoot, which took place last weekend in Helsinki. Talkoot is a Finnish expression for a gathering of people to accomplish a task (Wikipedia), much like a workshop. And the result of this weekend-long workshop is a free Designing for Children Guide meant for specialists involved in designing for children.

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Top 5 achievements and goals

by Kadri Haljas @ 04.01.2018

A kick-off post of the new year is about our top accomplishments and future goals. Read what we consider the most important parts of this journey. It’s a long post, grab a coffee!

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Thankful for 2017, excited for 2018

by Kadri Haljas @ 31.12.2017

Today is the last day of the year and we are very excited for the days to come in 2018. This year has been such an eventful period full of accomplishments and struggles as in every early stage startup. Most importantly, so many people have made an impact on our journey in 2017 and we hope to bring you several great news in 2018. And now, when heading into 2018, we would like to thank you all.

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The power of love & support to fight cancer – an interview with Juan Garay & Valeria Ulrich

by Jose Prieto @ 15.12.2017

In the new post José Prieto, our CTO, shares a wonderful interview with his uncle Juan Garay – cancer survivor, and his aunt Valeria Ulrich who previously volunteered in a pediatric oncology hospital. To learn some beautiful lessons about the power of love and support, read more here

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Growth hacking and more

by Kertu Tombak @ 04.12.2017

Kertu Tombak, our newest team member, shares her experiences and inspirations in the sales & marketing department. Read till the end, there are some good news as well!

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Super-vember post 3: Superpowers hidden in your body and mind

by Kadri Haljas @ 18.11.2017

Has anyone ever told you that you are stronger than you think? Because you are, and in our third Supervember post we present 5 superpowers hidden in your body and mind.

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Super-vember post 2: Modern day superheroes

by Risto Haljas @ 14.11.2017

Our second Supervember post is about real-life superheroes putting effort in helping humankind in the field of cancer.

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Super-vember post 1: Top 10 Superpowers given by Science

by Anna Suarez @ 08.11.2017

Knowledge is power. Sometimes it is superpower. We present our top 10 of superpowers we achieved through science.

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What kind of mobile solutions kids can currently use?

by Risto Haljas @ 31.10.2017

Our game designer Risto gives a brief overview of some of the cool cancer games and apps that kids can already use.

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Mental health in oncology: Psychologists’ perspective

by Riin Tark @ 24.10.2017

Interview with two psychologists working with cancer patients in Estonia, Kaie Jõeveer & Anneliis Tali.

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Reliable information about childhood cancer treatment and where to find it

by Anna Suarez @ 17.10.2017

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, parents want to know everything about diagnosis and the best treatment options. So they often search the web for them. In our new post we discuss strategies of finding reliable internet sources about childhood cancer.

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Bye-bye summer, and Hello to our new team members!

by Anna Suarez @ 9.10.2017

In September Triumf Gamification hit the road and had a wonderful team event in beautiful city of Tartu. There we also welcomed our new team members – Lea and Pepi. Read more in the post.

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Childhood cancer incidence and survival

by Kadri Haljas @ 5.10.2017

This blog post is written by researcher Keiu Paapsi who recently published a paper on childhood cancer incidence and survival in Estonia. Here she gives an overview of the current situation in Estonia compared to other countries and discusses why childhood cancer needs more public attention.

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Finding support after survival

by Sven Parkel @ 22.09.2017

Thanks to the new effective treatments, the childhood cancer survival rates are up to 80% in developed countries. In addition, governments are investing in better treatments and better future for the childhood cancer survivors. Good examples are Norway and Spain.

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True or False? Unveiling childhood cancer myths

by Kadri Haljas @ 12.09.2017

September is childhood cancer awareness month. For us at Triumf Gamification it means that every week we are covering one topic related to childhood cancer to raise awareness. This time we’ll talk about some of the very common myths about childhood cancer.

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September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

by Anna Suarez @ 01.09.2017

Autumn starts with Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Let’s see why simple awareness can make a big difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families.

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Making summer count

by Jose Prieto @ 25.08.2017

This summer two Finnish universities Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Oulu University of Applied Sciences teamed up and created online studies on serious gaming and gamification. This awesome project has currently resulted in three online courses, all of those were available for everyone and for free this summer 2017. We took them all!

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Superhero phenomenon

by Anna Suarez @ 18.08.2017

Let’s explore why superheroes are so popular!

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Serious game development process: our two cents

by Kadri Haljas @ 11.08.2017

This post is an easy read on some of the things we have learned about the development of serious games.

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How it feels to design a serious game

by Risto Haljas @ 31.07.2017

Designing a serious game is the hardest thing I have ever done but also the most rewarding. This post is about what I have learned during the process.

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To play or not to play? Gamification in Healthcare

by Anna Suarez @ 21.07.2017

What is gamification and can it be applied in child healthcare?

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Mindfulness: You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf

by Anna Suarez @ 02.07.2017

The post highlights the talk by Jon Kabat-Zinn in Helsinki and the benefits of mindfulness-based techniques in treatment of various diseases, including childhood cancer.

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Hottest topic in healthcare: Artificial Intelligence

by Kadri Haljas @ 26.06.2017

This article gives an overview of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning and discusses the potential of artificial intelligence in changing the landscape of healthcare.

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What about the parents

by Riin Tark @ 19.06.2017

Taking care of a child who has cancer has been described in the literature as an ’unexpected career’ that requires adaptation to new situations and roles. The way parents adjust and cope with the new situation affects the way how the child copes and adjusts with the situation as well.

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The journey of uncertainty: importance of psychology

by Kadri Haljas @ 09.06.2017

The journey that follows childhood cancer diagnosis is one of the toughest to imagine – it is filled with a myriad of stressors and uncertainty. Research in this field has attempted to answer the question of how children and their families deal with the stressors that are initiated by the diagnosis of pediatric cancer, the treatment that ensues and beyond.

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Cancer Research Month – What we learned

by Anna Suarez @ 02.06.2017

In May Triumf team was celebrating Cancer Research Month and wants to express gratitude to all the wonderful researchers, clinicians and activists in the field of childhood cancer.

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Is integrated care the next model for healthcare?

by Sven Parkel @ 24.05.2017

More and more effort goes towards making the most of the treatments and assuring the best outcomes for patients. Here is where integrated care comes to play.

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Upgraded Life Festival 2017

by Riin Tark @ 30.04.2017

See what we learned at this year’s Upgraded Life Festival.

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Happy Superhero Day!

by Kadri Haljas @ 28.04.2017

Today, on April 28, we are celebrating National Superhero Day at Triumf!

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GameDev Days 2017 Сonference

by Risto Haljas @ 15.04.2017

Read more about my very first experience attending a gaming conference!

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From pre-startup to startup

by Riin Tark @ 8.04.2017

We applied for Turbiini pre-startup program because we wanted to learn more about startup scene in Finland as our whole team is from abroad. January 30 was the kick-off event of Turbiini pre-startup program and and the Grand Finale took place on April 7. lõik teksti, mida kasutatakse ühtlasi ka exerptina. Järgnevad kolm rida (tühi rida, kolm võrdusmärki ja uuesti tühi rida määravad kuna lõppeb nn exerpt)

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Team members’ gaming history

by Leandro Gil @ 31.03.2017

Who has the most extensive gaming history and who remembers growing up as a player two. Read more to learn about our team members gaming history!

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Why Triumf and

by Anna Suarez @ 06.03.2017

Our team believes that great power to fight any disease is within humans themselves. Children who get cancer diagnosis are incredibly brave and strong, but they need support to go through painful treatment and immense life change. We see our mission as to help them reach their triumph over disease by finding their inner superhero

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Upgraded Life Talks

by Kadri Haljas @ 18.02.2017

This blog post is a summary of what we learned during 3 interesting events organized by HealthSPA. If you want to know more about Upgraded Life Talks that are preceding Upgraded Life Festival then keep on reading!

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Joining accelerator

by Riin Tark @ 22.01.2017

We decided to join Turbiini accelerator. Learn more how we ended up here! Esimene lõik teksti, mida kasutatakse ühtlasi ka exerptina. Järgnevad kolm rida (tühi rida, kolm võrdusmärki ja uuesti tühi rida määravad kuna lõppeb nn exerpt)

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Triumf in Me: the journey so far

by Kertu Tombak @ 08.01.2017

I should start from the very beginning although I am writing this post much later than everything was initiated. It has been an interesting ride so this post might end up being rather long. Also, I can only write from my own perspective so here goes.

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Hello World!

by Kadri Haljas @ 01.01.2017

We are creating a mobile application that supports the goals of childhood cancer treatment through a game environment with a focus on the mental state of a child.

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