Hello World!

by Kadri Haljas @ 01.01.2017

Hello World!

We are creating a mobile application that supports the goals of childhood cancer treatment through a game environment with a focus on the mental state of a child.

We are developing an entirely new platform based on the concepts of several psychological theories to advance childhood cancer treatment. Our solution converts theoretical concepts into an engaging mobile application: it supports children in finding their inner superhero to fight the disease. We apply basic game principles and mechanics in a non-game context which adds another narrative to the treatment. Our gamified solution is developed to support the internalization of behavioral change. Our solution is a unique and innovative platform to be used for children with cancer to support their treatment while in the hospital and later in life. It is not only beneficial for the patient but will also improve treatment monitoring for the parent and ultimately reduces health care costs on a societal level.

On the other hand we are creating this platform for children and their input is highly necessary for an awesome product development. It cannot be solely based on research but it also has to look cool and engaging. In order to make it happen, we asked from children about their favorite superheroes and coolest superpowers. It turned out that batman is by far the coolest superhero among children in our target group (school-aged children up to 14 years of age). Most popular superpower is the ability to fly. Check the picture if this blog post for complete information.

We are taking this information into account while creating our awesome gamified solution for ill children!