Happy Superhero Day!

by Kadri Haljas @ 28.04.2017

Happy Superhero Day!

Today, on April 28, we are celebrating National Superhero Day at Triumf!

Marvel Comics employees created National Superhero Day in 1995. Although originally it celebrated the fictional superheroes, we believe it is a great day to honor real life heroes as well. They might not save planets or fly, but they fight for something very special – happy and healthy life for them and their families. Children with cancer bravely tolerate painful procedures, spend long time in the hospital and stay strong – aren’t those real superpowers?

In order to particularly honor the bravery of children and their families dealing with pediatric cancer, the BraveHearts for Kids organization founded National Brave Hearts Day in 2015 also on April 28. Brave Hearts For Kids helps children with cancer by providing information, hope, guidance and resources to families dealing with a cancer crisis.

So, go out there and congratulate everyone who courageously fights challenges for something good, loves this life and tries to make a difference, no matter how big or small, with #NationalSuperheroDay and #NationalBraveHeartsDay! Don’t forget, sometimes real Superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles!

We would like to think of ourselves as the sidekicks for the amazing little superheroes with incredibly brave hearts!