Upgraded Life Festival 2017

by Riin Tark @ 30.04.2017

Upgraded Life Festival 2017

See what we learned at this year’s Upgraded Life Festival.

In the end of April our team Triumf took part of the Upgraded Life Festival organized by Health SPA. ULF is the biggest event for health startups and innovations in Nordics. The festival enabled to drop by the booths and learn about different health startups, listen to different discussions and presentations and also to get to know people in the field.

We got new insights and tips and tricks from various investors in health field, listened to a bunch of presentations and gained new knowledge, learned about new startups by listening to their pitches and so on. We tried to cover key issues on Twitter.

On Tuesday we heard a very eye opening talk by Pekka Sivonen from Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes on how to utilize 5G, AI, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain, Advanced Analytics and Cybersecurity to improve health and wellbeing. Pekka Sivonen is leading Reboot Finland project, more information about Reboot Finland D.Day can be found on their website. But moreover, we learned that some investors expect new innovation mainly from personalised health field: the apps or solutions that are able to tell what kind of training or diet is suitable to the one specific user. As the topics covered in the festival were broad, then we also learned about how a healthy office should look like in order to maintain better energy levels. One way is to ban chocolate as it has been found that chocolate affects the same brain areas as does cocaine!

The festival also provided a possibility to arrange 15 min meetings for networking and finding your perfect match. Brella software was used for scheduling meetings and it proved to be very useful for us. This was a very effective way of meeting new people from different backgrounds and with different aims as everyone opened to these meetings had a profile about themselves and therefore, one had a possibility to meet with its possible investor, designer, advisor or someone fourth.

We ended this two-day event by having a wonderful and healthy burger while discussing about the key take-home messages. In case you are looking for an awesome place to have a burger in Helsinki then we really recommend MorriSon’s. Approved by Anna, Kadri, Riin and Risto.