Superhero phenomenon

by Anna Suarez @ 18.08.2017

Superhero phenomenon

Let’s explore why superheroes are so popular!

Have you ever thought why so many people, from childhood to late 40s and beyond, like superheroes of all kinds? Especially those that come from comic books, or should I say, graphic novels? In the past decades there has been a boom of superhero movies like Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman, and so on. One might think people would get bored of those, but no: the Marvel studio movies gather over 600 millions box offices and plan to release two movies per year, with DC studio not far behind. Moreover, superheroes filled in the small screen with various TV shows, which are also extremely popular. So again, the main mystery is – why?

Admiration at stronger, smarter, better people have always been there: in Greek and Roman mythology, knight tournaments, war hero stories… Heroes are always the good ones, saving the world and us, regular human beings, from evil. On top of that, superheroes have super powers, making them even more attractive. However, if you think about it, no superhero has all the powers to destroy any bad guy; on the contrary, there is always some weakness that can bring the superhero down. Also, superheroes live in either our, or very similar world, putting them in the context close to our understanding. They usually have families and loved ones, leading normal life from time to time. So there is still a lot of human in any superhero, meaning anyone can become one.

This thought – becoming a superhero – is very empowering, especially for those with lack of daily powers, of their health. That is why we, at Triumf Gamification, are determined to help children who are combating cancer to find their inner superheroes. We believe that this is the best way comic book superheroes can make a difference.