Bye-bye summer, and Hello to our new team members!

by Anna Suarez @ 9.10.2017

Bye-bye summer, and Hello to our new team members!

In September Triumf Gamification hit the road and had a wonderful team event in beautiful city of Tartu. There we also welcomed our new team members – Lea and Pepi. Read more in the post.

Triumf Gamification team is based in Finland and Estonia – countries quite up north on the globe, so we have a full-autumn experience by now, with heavy rains and shorter days. That’s why we decided to start the week with remembering our wonderful summer team building event and also welcome our newest team members – Pepi and Lea!

During early September, part of team Triumf started the journey by taking a boat from Helsinki to Tallinn. From Tallinn we continued on a real road trip to Tartu with songs, quizzes, scavenge hunting, and great vibes. We explored the center of Tartu and got some great team pictures taken by Kertu Tombak. From there we continued to seeing another gem of Estonia – Alatskivi castle. We finished the night in the beautiful family home of our CEO and wonderful team leader – Kadri Haljas, with homemade food, warm conversations, and family atmosphere. Huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the event. It was a great weekend and a perfect occasion to get to know our newest team members – José Prieto, the new CTO, and Leandro Gil, the new Lead Programmer.

José Prieto (a.k.a Pepi) is the current CEO and Co-Founder @Sama Sama Studios. He started as a mobile game developer, soon becoming team lead in Argentinian office of Gameloft – one of the biggest mobile games developer and publisher in the world. Later he moved to Indonesia and set up a studio where he worked as the CTO. When he was ready for new challenges, he started his entrepreneurship life in Estonia by establishing his own IT company. He was most interested in ideas that had a noble cause behind them. He was part of such projects as HiveUp – Live Conversations – a topic-based chat with recommendation system promoting the importance of bees in our planet; ThankYou App – Express your Gratitude – a platform to give feedback & tips to actors after a performance; Flick Chess – Forget the rules! – a simplified local multiplayer chess game where people play face-to-face and share the moment together without the need of full attention to the game. And now he joined Triumf Gamification!

Pepi: “Once I heard about Triumf Gamification I felt that it was right to jump into it: a great noble cause, a clear user segment, a very strong research team and a huge opportunity to make history. Of course, with this project it arises a very big responsibility due to the combination of a very sensible and taboo topic with kids. The challenge is big, and I am ready for it!”

His favourite superhero is Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty TV Show, because he is the smartest person in the world, a skilled scientist, artist and inventor. Pepi loves crafting & prototyping different kind of things that go from: instruments, tools, games and art-works, and finds in Rick a lot of inspiration.

Leandro Gil (a.k.a Lea), also a Co-Founder and CTO @Sama Sama Studios, has been working as a programmer for 11 years. He also started in Argentinian office of Gameloft as a developer, leading his own team just one year later. Besides game development experience, he’s worked in creating and maintaining internal tools, developing web solutions for banks, health companies and big retail sellers. At some point he got interested in game design and currently he can easily visualize how to create “playable things” out of basic ideas or concepts. For some time he felt that something has been missing while creating games: he wanted to create something special and not just what sells on the market. And that’s when he met the Triumf team! He was happy to meet a group of people wanting to do something meaningful out of a game with a clear purpose and not another “clone of a clone of a clone” to make money.

Lea: “I’m really excited about this new opportunity of creating a game that’s not only intended to give fun and entertainment but more importantly help to improve and monitor the “player’s” health turning them into little superheroes.”

His favorite superhero is Batman, because he has all the gadgets and the sweet ride. And if he could choose a superpower, it’d be teleportation: no more traffic jams, no more 16 hours flights to visit his family in Argentina.

Pepi and Lea have been working together for 10+ years from the times of Gameloft in Argentina. Together with Risto, the Triumf Gamification game designer, they dived into building the first version of our mobile application. Huge welcome to Pepi and Lea, we are very grateful for having you in the team!

And stay tuned for the updates, now they will come sooner than you think!