Super-vember post 1: Top 10 Superpowers given by Science

by Anna Suarez @ 08.11.2017

Super-vember post 1: Top 10 Superpowers given by Science

Knowledge is power. Sometimes it is superpower. We present our top 10 of superpowers we achieved through science.

In Finland, where Triumf Gamification is based, November is one of the darkest months. So we decided to brighten it up and turn it into Supervember – month when we will tell about superpowers in the broadest sense of this word. And today we start with discussing superpowers we have already, thanks to science.

Humans have always been fascinated by the idea of extraordinary abilities like enormous speed and strength: just think about ancient Greek gods or modern graphic novels superheroes. However, if you ask your grandparents, some of the things we are able to do today seemed magical 60-70 years ago. Here are our top 10 superpowers we achieved through science:

#10 Flying

If before only gods and magical creatures could fly, now we can hop on a plane any time. There is still room for development, for example to get personal flying suits-Iron man style, but perhaps they are also not too far in the future.

#9 Talking to/seeing someone from the other side of the globe

Really, if someone from the Medieval times saw us video chatting from Finland with Australia, they would prepare a big bonfire. Within a hundred years, we stepped from sending letters to emails to instant messaging, not talking about other ways of communication. Should we mention Internet here? Bless the Science for it as well!

#8 Weather manipulation

Do you remember Storm from the X-men? She could control the weather and it looked so supernatural. But did you know that humans can manipulate weather in our reality as well? For example, cloud seeding – dispersing substances into the air – allows control over rain, or using lasers to create lightning may stop the hurricane. So all big events like the Olympics are safe from the rain, although these powers are quite limited and we cannot prevent big weather disasters yet.

#7 Seeing through things

Looking inside an animal or human body used to be possible only postmortem – and that is how many biological and medical discoveries have been made. But what a world has been opened when we got X-ray, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)! And science does not stop there: soon enough anyone should be able to see through walls using their smartphones.

#6 Preventing diseases

Going through the crowd of sick people and not getting sick yourself – we bet many people would be happy to have such a superpower during plague epidemic. Now we do have it from the moment we are born thanks to vaccination.

#5 Superhuman strength

HAL 5 – Hybrid Assistive Limb 5 – is an artificial powered exoskeleton. In other words, it is a technological wonder of a suit that allows user to carry five times the weight they could normally carry. It can also assist disabled people to walk and move around, as it is controlled by nerve signals from the brain sent to the muscles. No need for the Incredible Hulk or Avatar anymore, right?

#4 Creating any object we want

Do you have a 3D printer yet? If not, most probably in a decade you will. It is already possible to easily 3D print plastic details and clothes, with printing human organs on the way. Even superheroes might be jealous of this superpower.

#3 Travelling to different worlds

If in the past travelling to a different continent was equal to discovering the new world, now we are talking about colonizing Mars. Thanks to science we know that we are part of a great universe and are able to explore it further and further with every passing decade. Will we discover new civilizations out there? Time will show.

#2 Reading thoughts

Although we do not have this superpower to be used by humans (yet?), but we have the artificial intelligence machines who can do it. Thanks to brain scans, researchers developed deep learning algorithms that allow to guess the image the person is thinking about. Will robots know what we are thinking sooner than we can make them more like us? We should certainly hope so.

#1 Creating life

Some believe that God created life, some do not, but the bottom line is that humans have always wanted to have the divine power of creating new life. Thanks to scientific discoveries of cell composition and procreation, genetics and bioengineering, we now can clone whole organisms like Dolly the sheep. Should we continue with experiments and clone human beings – nobody knows. Most probably, we will find out soon, one way or another.

Although we still do not have time-travelling machine or teleport, science has given us so many superpowers already.

And don’t forget: in our application we are turning ill children into superheroes! Stay tuned and find out what superpowers they will have soon.