Growth hacking and more

by Kertu Tombak @ 04.12.2017

Growth hacking and more

Kertu Tombak, our newest team member, shares her experiences and inspirations in the sales & marketing department. Read till the end, there are some good news as well!

Triumf Gamification is growing. Big time! Why? We now have a sales & marketing person (That would be me). And that means we plan to take over the world. Very soon. Although that’s not the only awesome thing happening in Triumf. Kadri Haljas, our CEO, has worked very hard and is ready to bring you big news. Very soon.

But today I’d like to talk about the importance of teams. In my fairly short life I’ve worked with several very different teams. The first one was a group of young employees, where all the people were similar to my age. We had a lot of fun and I made some of my closest friends at that time. But we also grew to be leaders, because we were given a lot of freedom. As working with children requires really knowing what you are doing, not just bossing around, we truly learned to lead the group. And soon me and my friends were leading the whole team to be something bigger and more ambitious. Unfortunately, our plans clashed with our manager's plans. She was not a player in our team and we didn’t see her as our leader for that matter. So we split up and I left the job. This taught me a great deal about how to become a leader.

So I leaped into another team - digital marketers led by young entrepreneurs. I had a very hazy idea of what I was doing, but in a couple of months I was immersed in the marketing field and the team, like as if I had been working there for years. Mostly because of our team – they were young, professional, bold (and beautiful) Despite the fact that everyone worked with different clients and we rarely had shared projects, I never felt alone. The team was helpful when someone was in trouble and the best part was that company owners, partners and project managers, aka our bosses, were standing behind our back ALL the time, which meant that whenever we had a difficult client, they advised us how to make it work, but ALWAYS put us before the client. That was a mighty feeling, which I learnt to appreciate only now… This taught me about the importance of supporting leaders.

I’ve been working as a communications manager for over 1.5 years in a big company of over 360 workers. Our marketing team consists of 15 people with whom we have a weekly meeting to discuss the actions and strategies for marketing our services. We have a large variety of campaigns, from TV commercials to simple flyers, all well scheduled and carefully planned. But as a company with 148 years of history, I’d say the content is rather conservative and follows a certain pattern to fit the company’s position in society. Having people worked in the same position for over 15 years, you don’t see a lot of excitement and openness for innovations. This taught me about the importance of not running along with every new idea and putting it in a bigger picture first. But also that novelty is a crucial matter for me to keep myself interested and excited.

And now there is Triumf. A team led by a young and ambitious woman, where people are from different countries, backgrounds and personalities. Here all options are open and every single thing you do can affect the company big time. Lots of mistakes to be made and mistakes to learn from and great success to be experienced when doing it right. And that is what inspires me, that is what keeps the spark in my eyes. I’m so much looking forward to working with and learning from this one <3

Also great news from the largest competition of business ideas in Estonia - Ajujaht 2017 - we got picked to the TOP 30! You can follow our Ajujaht journey HERE.