Georgi in Tartu

by Georgi Merdzhanov @ 24.06.2018

Georgi in Tartu

Inspiration from the Science Capital of Estonia

A conference on Applications in Cultural Evolution: Arts, Languages, Technologies took place on June 5-8 in Tartu, Estonia.

The announced topics of the conference attracted our team’s attention. There were lectures on games, narratives, and health and we always strive to keep up with the latest trends in the field.

The event was organized by the University of Tartu, the oldest one in Estonia. It’s school of semiotics is very famous and the university ranks among one of the most cited in the world in a few research areas.

The reports were of interest both as academic research and some new results and theories that have the potential to be used in practice. Some of the most interesting research was about what exactly the games are and how many mini-games consist of one single game. Others explained why is folk medical knowledge is rarely useful and how the popular belief that vaccines are harmful had developed. Narrative part was presented with topic like what are the basics of folk tales and is there a model that can explain why some dramas are successful, and others are not.

In conclusion - there are new studies that could improve the way how we see games as a part of the whole human culture. Some of them could help production of more and better games. Narratives are an integral part of almost all human history and culture, and health is becoming an increasingly important topic for modern people.

I also made an important discovery during the conference: Tartu is very beautiful at this time of the year - green and charming, with warm and smiling people.

Have a wonderful summer and check out the full book of abstracts!