From prototype to functional product and clinical trials in a year

by Risto @ 13.08.2018

From prototype to functional product and clinical trials in a year

Our blog has been rather quiet during the summer because our focus has fully been on patients and game development. As you might know, we are currently in the middle of clinical trials to scientifically evaluate the effect of Triumf mobile health game on mental wellbeing and health related quality of life. That’s amazing, don’t you think? Especially considering that this was us last spring:

alt text

You might ask what we are up to on the picture and that’s a fair question. The thing is that we were organizing paper prototype and summoning what we would like to achieve with the game based on the input from patients, medical personnel and our own psychological expertise. And then we needed to make a story out of it. The night before the Disease Monster was born… but the rest was a struggle in the beginning.

Georgi nicely put it that to create a story for a game is like to solve a puzzle. In Triumf’s game exist a lot of important places and events which need to be connected. The result is similar to a net and the player should find his way to cross it. During the journey, players learn important things about themselves and their sickness, which they will use in the game and eventually in their real life.

The hassle has been going non-stop ever since - but this is a joyful hassle, we have come across different issues, there have always been corners and behind the corners we have found solutions. That is an important reminder for all of us - when there is a will, there's a way and our first advisor Hannes from Turbiini accelerator was definitely right when always saying that startup life is a constant hassle.

Today our game is available in English, Russian, Estonian and Finnish. We are working towards having the game in Spanish and for kids with other chronic conditions in addition to cancer. The game is available for Android and our goal is to educate and support kids in a fun way.

Interested in finding your inner superhero to fight the Disease Monster in the Triumfland city? Or do you know someone who has what it takes to become a superhero? The call for heroes is open - don’t hesitate to contact us at hero[at]