Healthier body leads to healthier mind

by Kaari Kink @ 22.08.2018

Healthier body leads to healthier mind

I’m Kaari - a 22-year old Estonian, who can most often be found dancing in public spaces. Like the most of us, I want to make a change, which is why I am super excited to join the Triumf team and contribute towards their Superhero ambition.

I am currently studying Sport and Exercise science in University of Bath, in England, and have just finished a 12-month placement in a charity that aims to change lives through physical activity. By managing several projects that help people get more active, I was able to share my passion towards healthy lifestyle, whilst developing great interest into behaviour change. Apart from that, I love running and getting involved with the community. You might also wonder what the dancing in public spaces was about - that’s what 14 years of professional ballroom dancing does to you.

When I found out about Triumf, I was instantly drawn to their unique, innovative and much needed solution to such serious, but often overlooked, problem. I had the idea in my head of getting a start-up experience for a long time and I’m happy to have found one that I can connect with and whose mission I believe in. I think it’s particularly fascinating as Triumf takes theoretical, evidence based knowledge and places it into practical world.

I’m excited to work alongside Riin to see how we could integrate physical activity and nutrition into the game as well as offer my help with the clinical trials, as much as possible. I’m a big believer of the numerous benefits of physical activity, including improving one’s self-esteem and mood as well as coping with anxiety and feeling more energised (plus all the physical benefits). Having this in mind, I’m keen to find ways how Triumf Health can implement the research behind it and positively influence the players towards a healthier lifestyle.

Last week I also visited Triumf office for the first time and met with the team, including Riin, Kadri, Risto, Van Anh, Pepi and Lea. I had great couple of days getting a deeper understanding of the platform and participating in team sprints, which helped me tune into the right mind-set. Thank you Team Triumf for all the great hospitality! I look forward to working with you.