Setting goals for 2019

by Kadri Haljas @ 11.01.2019

Setting goals for 2019

First of all, our team wishes everyone all the best for 2019. May this year bring you all lots of amazing opportunities and wonderful experiences! So are you ready for 2019? We definitely are! Here are some of our goals we aim to reach this year, presented in a short and simple way.

Our goal is to become the global leader in digital therapeutics for pediatric patients. In order to reach this goal, we need to focus on achieving several milestones in 2019. First of all, although we are about to kick off our study in Denmark and pilots in Finland and Singapore are soon starting (plus a randomized controlled trial (RCT) in multiple hospitals in Estonia!), we are mainly focusing on customer relations. Piloting is necessary and all interventions need to go through scientific evaluation but paying customers are essential. And even though we have paid pilots in the pipeline, we aim to close very important deals this year. However, this is not something we can announce at this point, so keep following our journey to learn more - good things come to those who wait.

Although the best investors are your clients, it takes more than that to reach your growth plans. We have been very lucky and honored to mainly work under grants and prize money but the time has come to open a seed funding round. We’ll announce the round early in 2019 to be able to use this equity funding with yet another grant – this time a rather impressive EU H2020 grant. We believe that this has to be the best time for us to seek VC funding because we have now shown that our game is not only research-based but it is also effective. Our multi-site clinical study showed improvements in players’ mental health and health related quality of life, which very strongly shows that Triumf game is not just another health game in app store. Furthermore, we have several paid pilots in the pipeline and contracts in progress, showing plenty of traction to impress VC-s.

In order to achieve global success, we need to keep improving our internal and external communication. One of the main goals for this year is to improve our online presence - our platform is growing nicely and our content is great which means it is time to growth hack and continue working in a strategic manner to reach our set business goals. First, we are launching our new website hopefully in February and then it’s time to continue with growth hacking. Also, we were very successful in 2018 in introducing our solution globally, this year we aim to be even more active in taking part in different events, conferences, seminars and pitching competitions. The first healthtech pitching event takes place already in the end of January in London, keep your fingers crossed for us!

However (and perhaps even most importantly), in between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed (Sid Caesar was a wise man, these are his words not mine). Sometimes it is way too easy to forget this when living the startup life, isn’t it so? However, taking breaks is necessary, weekends and holidays are there for a reason so let’s not forget this. I am also trying to set a better example myself and draw more attention to mental health in general from a different angle than we have done so far. Living a consistently high-paced life can take its toll and it needs to be recognized that psychological issues are common among entrepreneurs, we will certainly discuss this topic on our blog this year. So perhaps setting yet another goal of reaching a good work-life balance is the best way to end this post. Let’s keep our minds happy!

Will this be the year of Triumf? Let’s hope so!