Triumf Health Game

Triumf Health game is now publicly available in Estonia and the UK until the end of May to provide age-appropriate support to children and help them cope better with the crisis situation. To play the game, registration is necessary. Follow these steps to become a player of Triumf Health (Open).

  1. Register with your email to become a user here:

    Registration is necessary so that we could assign you a player code (licence code)

  2. You´ll be sent a new link on your email where we ask you to answer to a couple of control questions. Please fill in the survey.
  3. After completing the survey, you´ll be sent a personal licence code. Please wait for 10-15 minutes for it to start working.
  4. Download the game (only available in UK and Estonia) - follow instructions for iOS and Android:


For technical reasons, Triumf Health (Open) app is not available on App Store yet but can be downloaded through Apple TestFlight. Apple TestFlight allows users to access the app before releasing it on the App Store. NB. Downloading the solution from the TestFlight requires parental support. Due to the age restrictions of the TestFlight platform, it is recommended to use a parental account for accessing the Triumf Health (Open) game.

To play the game, first install TestFlight on the iOS device that you’ll use.

After downloading TestFlight, open this link: Allow to receive notifications, then you'll get notifications for new updates for the game. Click Continue.

Now you're able to install Triumf Health (Open) Move on to step number 5 on this page.


Download Triumf Health (Open) app from Google Play (, only available in Estonia and UK).

  1. Register to become a user by clicking "Create an account". Fill all the fields to complete your registration and use the code you received in your email as "licence code". Check carefully that you´ve inserted the correct email, code and password.
  2. All set. Have fun playing the Triumf game.

More detailed instrocutions can also be found here:

Have a look at a short gameplay here:

Why do I have to register to be able to play the game?

Triumfś health game was initially created to provide support for chronically ill children and it was not available for the public. The game could be distributed by a doctor, for example. However, we´ve now created an extension to the platform to support all children during the coronavirus pandemic. The game will be available until the end of May.

Will I have to pay after the period ends?

Children and parents don´t need to pay for the game. When the free period ends, the game can no longer be downloaded. However, kids who have already started playing the game can continue using the solution even when the period ends.

More on Triumfś health game

Triumf Health game has been designed to support the health and wellbeing of children. The gameplay is used to offer psychological support and information related to health behaviours, emotions and emotion regulation, motivation, relationships, self-acceptance and problem solving. In addition, the game delivers standardised health information.

The aim of Triumf’s solution is to prevent and/or lessen the development of psychological problems and improve quality of life. The content of the game has been created by specialists who take care of children’s wellbeing.

In response to the coronavirus, the game has been extended with a virus-specific pathway that is available to children who are able to read. Through interactive tasks we deliver trustworthy information related to COVID-19, including how to protect oneself, consequences (i.e. isolation), how to self-manage during the outbreak and explain concerns that may develop due to the novel situation. The aim is to provide a safe environment through which to deliver up-to-date information related to COVID-19 and relieve anxiety amongst children.