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Triumf health app is now available for school-aged kids with various conditions with the aim to give them psychological as well as treatment related support and foster healthy lifestyle. Have a look at the pediatric disease paths that the game features.

Triumf Health is now officially a research institution! You can also find our profile from the Research Information System (ETIS) because I (Kadri Haljas) am now acting both as a CEO and a postdoctoral researcher. Check out ETIS for more information.

Triumf Health got to know Chinese market in March 2019. We were honored to win a pitching competition in autumn 2018 at the 10th FCPAE Europe Forum & the 4th ASEM Cooperation Forum that took place in Helsinki. The prize was an acceleration programme Sino Track in Beijing, China.

Chronic illnesses predispose children for higher risk in developing mental disorders. This article gives an overview of the important associations between mental health and chronic illnesses among children.

Triumf Health has opened an equity funding round with the aim to raise €1-1.5M to be used in connection with public grants.