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Triumf mobile health game is now in the landscape mode and this post gives an overview of the benefits of making such change from the portrait mode. Of course both of those modes are useful in most cases but the decision to use either landscape of portrait mode depends on the game design and on the gameplay experience. We believe that having the game in the landscape mode significantly enhances the gameplay and here is why.

This year we had our winter team building event near Tallinn, Estonia. We try to have at least two fun events every year, it serves a valuable purpose for us as most of our team is working remotely. However, once we get together, things heat up! Who is the smartest team member? Who is the strongest?

In our theory driven Triumf game design philosophy, we have combined the mental contrasting and implementation intention theories about self-regulation and behavioral change into our underlying gameplay narrative. Based on mental contrasting theory, we start by giving a player an idealised state of an imaginary city.

Everyday life can get hectic at times and some days are more stressful than others. Sometimes it’s the smallest things are creating the biggest worries. In the light of the increasing prevalence and awareness of mental health, our new blog post focuses on our own mental well-being and reflects on situations, where our team members have felt stressed. Most importantly, we were curious about the techniques that each of us uses in order to cope with the pressure and workload. Here are the thoughts of Triumf team members on how to relieve stress.

First of all, our team wishes everyone all the best for 2019. May this year bring you all lots of amazing opportunities and wonderful experiences! So are you ready for 2019? We definitely are! Here are some of our goals we aim to reach this year, presented in a short and simple way.