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Chronic disease treatment requires quite some discipline and it is not always easy for kids to follow the regimen rigorously. Poor chronic disease management leads to various health risks and it is known that one of the important factors related to poor medication adherence is associated with mental health problems. It needs to be noted that treatment adherence is one of the most critical issues in pediatric care setting. But technology helps us in forming a source of knowledge while improving patient's mood and experience. For that reason, digitally delivered therapeutics (app therapy) have gained a lot of interest lately.

In order to help chronically ill children, we need to focus on many aspects. First and most importantly - their mental health - how they are coping, what are their strengths and difficulties. How we can support their strengths and help with their difficulties. But if they already have the disease then we need to monitor how their treatment is followed, we need to give information on their condition, their health and wellbeing, we need to support their general health behaviors so they could live healthier lives and at the same time empower and give a sense of success. These components that are necessary to induce behavioral change work only when these are delivered in a way that kids love. And don’t they enjoy playing games? In our mobile health game kids need to save the Triumfland city from the Disease Monster but how did we come up with that? How did we know about the needs of the users?

In the beginning of April, I flew to Dublin to take part in the Deep Dive Week organised by the Startup Lighthouse team. Deep Dive Weeks happen all across Europe and their aim is to help European MedTech start-ups scale-up up abroad. In other words, help start-ups expand.

Triumf health app is now available for school-aged kids with various conditions with the aim to give them psychological as well as treatment related support and foster healthy lifestyle. Have a look at the pediatric disease paths that the game features.

Triumf Health is now officially a research institution! You can also find our profile from the Research Information System (ETIS) because I (Kadri Haljas) am now acting both as a CEO and a postdoctoral researcher. Check out ETIS for more information.