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Health care systems, such as the National Health System (NHS), are challenging the way health services are provided to meet the increased demand for quality care. Among other thing, the systems have started to focus on reaching out to the patients, before they reach them. In its long-term plan, NHS sets out a wider action for prevention, including reducing obesity and Type-2 Diabetes. Moving from cure to prevention is a fundamental shift in health care, in which the system not only exists to treat but to help people stay well for longer. Why does it matter?

The Triumf health app has been improved with a new feature! We have added a new therapeutic Bubble mini-game that offers endless possibilities for relaxation and challenge. Although it is difficult to tell when playing with soap bubbles began, we know that blowing bubbles was already depicted in the 17th century. Taking into account how much fun blowing bubbles is, one could indeed assume that it must have started centuries ago.

European Health Catapult aims to shape the future of healthcare in Europe by boosting the development of top-notch European health start-ups. The best in three categories - digital health, medtech and biotech - are competing to become the best in Europe in their respective fields. But why are we so excited about it? Keep on reading to know more about our journey as finalists at the Health Catapult competition!

Hi, I’m Emile a 26-year-old French-American hybrid and the newest member of Triumf. Born and raised in Northern California, I have spent the past 10+ years living, studying and working between the United States, France, Brazil, the Netherlands and finally Estonia. Similarly, my educational background is just as diverse, with the experience of studying humanities in the US, business in Brazil and biological sciences in the Netherlands. I am a stark generalist and believe that context is necessary to understand anything. Therefore, Triumf’s interdisciplinary approach, ambitious as it is, is really what drew me to the table.

We're so proud that Triumf Health got invited to Madrid by the Startup Lighthouse team to receive TOP20 start-up award based on our participation in the program. It's amazing to get such recognition in the MedTech category alongside other amazing startups from Industrial IoT, Future Mobility and Traveltech industry. Congrats to MedTech startups SepTec, Innate Repair, Nocturne, OaCP and Radmol AI Systems for this achievement!