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A lot of our blog posts have focussed on childhood cancer. However, in addition to pediatric cancer patients, Triumf Health also supports children who are affected by obesity and/or diabetes. In this blog post we want to give an overview why we think addressing and treating these conditions is essential.

Mobile games seem so easy to play. But is it easy to create them? Especially something as specific as health games for children with serious chronic diseases? We asked our dev team, Pepi and Lea, to answer some questions about it.

Why do parents often hesitate before providing mobile health treatment for their children? Here we address 5 common concerns.

Singapore is definitely one of the leaders in the uptake of digital health innovations. I was honored to represent Triumf Health and our mHealth paltform for children in Singapore at Slush, to stakeholders including doctors and on the ministry level and at the TechInnovation technology expo, part of Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology. Keep on reading to learn more about our adventures as part of the Finnish healthtech delegation in Singapore!

The importance of physical activity and harmful effects of inactivity are becoming more and more evident. Organisations are investing more resources to tackle the rising trend of inactivity and the burden it places on healthcare. Having this in mind, in this post we look into the current research of physical activity and childhood cancer patients. Is it actually feasible and beneficial? If so, what should be the next steps?