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We give chronically ill children psychological support via game


Every fourth kid in the world is battling with chronic disease, such as cancer, diabetes or asthma. Of them, 60% have psychological issues, which are often preventable but don’t get enough attention before serious problems have already developed. This complicates treatment. There is a serious need for innovation in healthcare as current system is not sustainable. We want to improve the accessibility of psychological support and shift the focus to prevention.

We make it possible to create a healthier future for children

Engaging game

We make psychological support engaging for children. Using our solution, children play a fun game, find out more about their illness, get psychological support from a virtual friend and get rewarded from changing their habits.

Effective solution

Our solution enables improvement in treatment monitoring and enhances communication between patients, their families and medical personnel in a cost-efficient way. We have established contacts with many doctors, psychologists and patients, who contributed to the idea.


We are collaborating with Estonian Association of Parents with Children with Cancer, Estonian Connected Health Cluster & ICory consortium. To access these opportunities we ask annual license fees from our customers. Our initital target market is hospitals in Estonia and Finland.

  • Mental Health

    Psychological wellbeing is the key of area of our solution as there is no health without mental health. We have research-based profiling and machine learning for personalized path.

  • Treatment compliance for children

    The adventurous content of our application provides external motivators for a change in behavior and attitudes as it is difficult to have inner motivation when going through very damaging, painful and long-term treatment. Treatment will have another purpose.

  • Knowledge

    Behavioral change can only happen in the presence of knowledge. Our application has extensive educational component. Children will answer to questionnaires and receive formative feedback how to become better is specific areas.

  • General health

    Unhealthy lifestyle factors predispose to a number of health problems. We help children to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our target areas are nutrition, physical activity, sleep and personal hygiene.

  • Empowerment

    It is known that empowerment increases autonomy and self-determination which in turn leads to better health outcomes. Our application has a social network for asking help and helping others out. This will decrease their social isolation.

  • Sense of success

    Achieved through character development, minigames and interaction with others. Feedback from peers is more important than from adults for children.

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    Mobile games seem so easy to play. But is it easy to create them? Especially something as specific as health games for children with serious chronic diseases? We asked our dev team, Pepi and Lea, to answer some questions about it.

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    Why do parents often hesitate before providing mobile health treatment for their children? Here we address 5 common concerns.

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    The importance of physical activity and harmful effects of inactivity are becoming more and more evident. Organisations are investing more resources to tackle the rising trend of inactivity and the burden it places on healthcare. Having this in mind, in this post we look into the current research of...

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    Van Anh's farewell: "Decision to work at Triumf Health is my best one"

    We have not noticed how time passed and we have to say our farewells to our wonderful intern Van Anh. You have done amazing work at the company! In this post Van Anh shares her experience and thoughts about her time with the Triumf team.

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    I’m Kaari - a 22-year old Estonian, who can most often be found dancing in public spaces. Like the most of us, I want to make a change, which is why I am super excited to join the Triumf team and contribute towards their Superhero ambition.

    I am currently studying Sport and Exercise science in Uni...

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    From prototype to functional product and clinical trials in a year

    Our blog has been rather quiet during the summer because our focus has fully been on patients and game development. As you might know, we are currently in the middle of clinical trials to scientifically evaluate the effect of Triumf mobile health game on mental wellbeing and health related quality o...

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    Are hospitals and medical professionals easy to reach and accept digital health solutions? Van Anh shares experience during her summer internship and shows the path team Triumf is taking on that matter.

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    Welcome, Van Anh

    Oh, a fresh insight? Van Anh, you have the floor!

    Every startup has its own unique set of challenges and problems. By knowing the challenges and having an idea of how to overcome them, we can get a better chance of beating the odds to make our startup a success. The road to success is absolutely...

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    Inspiration from the Science Capital of Estonia

    A conference on Applications in Cultural Evolution: Arts, Languages, Technologies took place on June 5-8 in Tartu, Estonia.

    The announced topics of the conference attracted our team’s attention. There were lectures on games, narratives, and hea...

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    Riin and CHI2018

    A busy week in Montreal? Yes, according to our very own ambassador Riin. Check her post out!

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We all have superpowers and love what we do

We are an international team of 7 experts from Estonia, Russia and Argentina.
We collaborate with different institutions and apply learnt knowledge and skills to make Estonian health tech industry more competitive on a global scale.
We are grateful to have many wonderful advisors with us.




    Super-power: Determination

    Kadri leads this super-team. She finishing her PhD at the Univeristy of Helsinki, where she has gained research skills and knowledge in mental burden of chronic disease. Kadri has 10 years of clinical work experience with children and adults from the perspective of rehabilitation, assessment and psychotherapy.




    Super-power: Will-power

    José is our master of mobile games development. Being a co-starter and former CTO of Gameloft Indonesia, he has more than 10 years of experience in developing games for mobiles.



    Chief Engagement Officer

    Super-power: Empathy

    Riin brings in domain expertise in clinical child psychology. She is focusing on stakeholder engagement and user experience. She is doing her Master's in Psychology at the University of Tartu.



    Lead programmer

    Super-power: Persistence

    Leandro is excellent in programming. He has 6+ years of experience in game development in addition to his superb skills in Java programming. He is former Gameloft Argentina team lead.



    Head of Research

    Super-power: Knowledge

    With her research background in health psychology from the University of Helsinki, Anna focuses on research based content creation and solution validation.



    Lead Game Designer

    Super-power: Creativity

    Risto is excellent at turning research into a game. He is focusing on game design by translating the input from domain experts into a delightful game for children. He is specializing in serious game design and development.



    Head of Sales and Marketing

    Super-power: Durability

    Kertu makes sure that more people know about our product. She is experienced in the field of digital marketing, corporate communications & PR. She is focusing on our marketing strategy & customer relationship management.




    Mait is our advisor in reasearch, machine learning and AI.




    Madis is our advisor in business.




    Tiina is our advisor in Ajujaht.




    Riivo is our advisor in Ajujaht.


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