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Triumf summer days - aka we're all enemies here

In mid-August, Triumf team came together again to celebrate summer days and spend some time at Kadri’s lovely country house. As per usual, Kadri had prepared an agenda full of awesome activities, good food and quality time. But as it quickly turned out, Triumf team had not lost its competitiveness, which became apparent when facing each other in various games. The mindset during the “friendly” mini-competitions can be described in the legendary words of Lea: “No cheering for each other. We’re all enemies here”. And with that, Triumf Summer days had started!

Our summer days started off in Estonian National Museum, which resembles Kadri’s attempt to make us more cultured. And it worked! I had not been in the museum before and found it really interesting to walk through the different centuries of Estonian history. After a small lunch break and coffee, we headed to Kadri’s cottage, where the real fun began.


We faced each other in petang, jenga and mini air hockey. They all seem as pretty chill and relaxed activities but I’m pretty sure my heart rate through all three rounds of Jenga was as high as during half-marathons. It was nerve-wrecking, and my only wish was for someone to fail (remember, enemies!). In fact, it got so intense Mait broke his foot during the game, seriously. You may wonder how did this happen? And so do we. But we wish him quick recovery! Nevertheless, at the end of the mini-games, I was happy to take the victory and defend my title as the strongest team member.


Next, we needed to determine who’s the smartest. And as always, this was done by playing Kahoot, which requires both knowledge and speed. A surprising competitor was Riin’s husband Kaarel, who resiliently stayed in the first three places throughout the game, even though he isn’t even an official member of our team! In the end, the smartest team member title went to Lea, who was a mile ahead all of us!

To determine the overall champion, we needed to add the points together from both categories: the smartest and strongest. And what did we find?! There was a tie between myself and Kaarel, who had clearly made a strong impression on the Triumf team. So, the final challenge for us was Jenga. But boy, the pressure was on – can we really let an outsider take the title of Triumf Champion? In an intense battle, an unfortunate block let Kaarel down and crushed the tower, so I was crowned as the overall champion.

The rest of the evening was very relaxed and Kadri handed out some thoughtful gifts for us. So, this year’s summer days were a lot of fun and we can’t wait already for the winter days!!


Kaari Kink


Kaari Kink

With her background in health sciences and physical activity, she brings expertise in inducing behavioral change.