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We're so proud that Triumf Health got invited to Madrid by the Startup Lighthouse team to receive TOP20 start-up award based on our participation in the program. It's amazing to get such recognition in the MedTech category alongside other amazing startups from Industrial IoT, Future Mobility and Traveltech industry. Congrats to MedTech startups SepTec, Innate Repair, Nocturne, OaCP and Radmol AI Systems for this achievement!


The change in lifestyle and nutrition in the society has been incredibly rapid and cardinal. In only one generation the childhood obesity rates have tripled. Statistics from Finland indicate that every third boy and every fifth girl aged 11 is overweight, at the same time one in three is overweight in the US. Alarmingly, obesity rates continue to rise among children and adults even though there are numerous intervention strategies developed to relieve this problem. Still, obesity continues to be the biggest challenge of 21st century and if this is not successfully handled, average life expectancy will decrease and the rate of lifestyle-associated diseases will increase. These estimates strongly emphasize the need to prioritize obesity prevention and treatment in this generation, which in turn allows us to shift the focus on the prevention of diseases. Our game helps kids with weight issues to find the motivation to control their weight, it helps them understand themselves better and teaches healthy behaviors that are necessary for all kids to stay well and energetic.

Last week, Triumf Health was in Israel as part of the Startup Lighthouse delegation with nine other amazing European start-ups, all from different industries. We spent five days deep diving into Israeli unique ecosystem, learning more about the history of the start-up nation and meeting people who have transformed the vision for technology. For Triumf, it was an amazing opportunity to understand the field of digital health and introduce our health app in one of the most tech-savvy countries.

We are glad to write about our new problem-solving missions and improved health-related tasks that take place in the Triumfland city on our digital health platform. Activity-based learning is an important pedagogical approach and we utilize this method in our Triumf health game where kids are getting new knowledge from the educational module and later on need to apply this information in different activities. This post describes how we have achieved this.


Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children. It causes swelling of the airways that in turn results in narrowing of the airways and difficulties in carrying air to the lungs. Allergens can trigger asthma symptoms that include trouble breathing, wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest. Asthma management usually requires lifelong care, and like other chronic illnesses, asthma places a great mental burden on the patient. Our game helps kids with asthma cope better with their chronic condition, helps them understand themselves better and teaches healthy behaviors that are necessary for all kids to stay well and energetic.