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Rock Health and StartUp Health have released two back-to-back year-end reports on funding level and trends in health care innovation for 2019. With $13.7B in total funding across 727 deals (or $7.4B, 374 deals - Rock Health) , investors continue to show a steady commitment towards the sector, making 2019 the second most funded year in health care. Which were the most and least funded areas? Read further to find out:

The challenges around the detection and treatment of mental health problems offer a great opportunity for the augmentation of digital health, such as health apps, web and text messaging. The potential of digital medicine is even further strengthened given the fact that 75% of mental disorders onset during youth (15-24 years; 1) - an age group known for being digitally savvy. Furthermore, the last decade has seen a fundamental change in the way mental health is identified and treated as highlighted in the recent article by Uhlhaas and Torous (2019; 2).

Triumf intervention for ill children is delivered through a game environment to reach young patients in a safe, intuitive and engaging way. Our gamified digital health solution offers psychological and behavioural support to improve children's mental health and treatment engagement. Regular updates to Triumf game help boost user experience (UX) and optimal user engagement.

The very traditional healthcare sector is being disrupted! Many innovative and fascinating approaches are making their way into healthcare as you are reading this post. Since Triumf Health team was formed late 2016, and we have been active health technology community members ever since, we have some ideas to share and make the TOP 3 predictions of our own for 2020. Keep reading to know more!

Getting a business off the ground comes with inevitable challenges. Triumf is no different. It’s no secret that living a startup life is like taking a ride on the rollercoaster - at one point you’re enjoying the view from the top but before you know it, you’re hitting the bottom upside down at full speed, not knowing if it’s the end of the ride or just a lead-up to another high.