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The other day, after finishing some work-related things, I went for a run. And just like usually during my runs, I used the time for reflection (although in the end of the run I was just thinking about surviving). But as I was analysing my day and thinking about the work I had just finished, I realised it was coming close to my one-year anniversary in Triumf - so the rest of the time I reflected on my progress in the team so far. Here it is:

Things are moving fast this year and we try to keep up - not only by providing more and better support for ill children through our Triumf health game but also by delivering more content. And now we are very proud to announce that the Coloring Book is part of our Triumf health game! Keep reading to learn more about the importance of mindfulness-based techniques in disease management and have a look at our wonderful Coloring Book!

The status updates and news that we have shared during the last 12 months of our journey have mainly been focused on the Triumf game for pediatric patients itself. And it's for a reason! Metaphoricall...

In our previous blog posts, we have emphasised the importance of validating and evaluating digital health technologies (DHT) to ensure their safety and effectiveness. But what do we mean by “evidence-based” and what standards as well as regulations exist in the health care industry that help demonstrate the value but also increase the adoption of DHT? And what do we in Triumf do to ensure our health app for children is the highest quality possible?

Being a startup founder means I sometimes need to travel a lot and this blog post highlights some of the exciting events I have participated in over the past two months. Have a look!