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Triumf Health in Dublin

In the beginning of April, I flew to Dublin to take part in the Deep Dive Week organised by the Startup Lighthouse team. Deep Dive Weeks happen all across Europe and their aim is to help European MedTech start-ups scale-up up abroad. In other words, help start-ups expand.

All together, 23 start-ups from all over Europe, including Germany, Greece, Portugal, the Baltics and France, were chosen for the programme, so we were very happy to have been invited to take part alongside with these amazing companies.

But firstly, why did we choose to apply for Dublin? Dublin is the hub of major global technology companies, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and hosts 95% of the world’s top MedTech companies. Moreover, Dublin is rapidly improving their ecosystem for a more efficient and friendly business environment and are especially keen to support and mentor start-up initiatives. So, for us it was a great opportunity to introduce our mobile health game as well as understand more about local clients and how to collaborate with them.

The program lasted for three days and was packed with networking, workshops, pitching and social events. For me, one of the most exciting parts was meeting with other start-ups and sharing experiences and ideas on how to navigate through the ever changing world of a health technology start-up. It was really cool to hear how people tackle major health issues with research and technology: for example, Innate Repair have discovered new molecular mechanisms to tackle cancer stem cells and Nocturne uses technology to diagnose neurologic disorders through the imaging of the eye.

The workshops covered a range of topics and gave a really good insight into topics such as delivering elevator pitches, partnering with large enterprises, venture capitals, running clinical trials and more. One of the most important takeaways was the importance of understanding your clients and their needs, and also demonstrating how your product solves a major problem for the client. Equally, it was great to discuss the value of digital therapeutics for managing chronic diseases and driving lifestyle changes. Chronical illnesses are a major burden for the healthcare but the traditional methods are struggling to fully support the patients, which is why digital therapeutics are emerging as key players to alleviate the problem.

Triumf received really good feedback regarding this topic, as we also use digital therapeutics (i.e. software) in our health app to support and drive behaviour change in ill children. Moreover, our solution has been developed with the patients, parents and care teams from the start, which is often quite rare, and brings huge value and creates attraction to our platform. Triumf app stood out from all the other MedTech companies because we use game environment to support our patients. A lot of positive feedback was also received from the investors and healthcare specialists for whom I delivered a 90 second pitch.

Therefore, Deep Dive Week was a great success for Triumf and we are so excited to continue working with organisations in Dublin to complement our research and collaborate with children’s networks and hospitals to improve our solution. So, we can only thank the DCU Ryan Academy for organising such an amazing event and looking forward to working together with the Startup Lighthouse community in the future.


Kaari Kink


Kaari Kink

With her background in health sciences and physical activity, she brings expertise in inducing behavioral change.