Creating healthier futures for ill children

Triumf health game major update: added disease groups

Triumf health app is now available for school-aged kids with various conditions with the aim to give them psychological as well as treatment related support and foster healthy lifestyle. Have a look at the pediatric disease paths that the game features.


Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children. It usually requires lifelong care, and like other chronic illnesses, asthma places a great mental burden on the patient. Our game helps kids with asthma cope better with their chronic condition, helps them understand themselves better and teaches healthy behaviors that are necessary for all kids to stay well and energetic.


Cancer is one of the most prevelant chronic conditions and expensive diseases to treat. Unfortunately, the causes of childhood cancer are mainly unknown. Although, we cannot prevent cancer, we can provide comprehensive care to kids who are diagnosed with cancer through our innovative mobile health game. We have shown that the game has a positive effect on mental wellbeing and quality of life.. One master's thesis and one scientific article based on our game are currently being submitted.


Diabetes is getting increasingly prevalent among children. Diabetes requires multiple medical decisions and technical procedures related to blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration on daily basis. Diabetes burnout is rather common among patients and the care burden for families is massive. Our solution helps kids, especially in the beginning of their diabetes journey, cope with their diagnosis - it gives them information on their condition, the importance of medication, healthy behaviours and aims to reduce the psychological burden and the risk of diabetes burnout.


Many kids need to undergo surgery - either emergency or elective surgery. Surgical intervention, however, can cause fear and anxiety. Our game features a path for kids who need to undergo surgery and aims to reduce their anxiety and improve their overall mental wellbeing. It gives them information on the preparation for surgery and the recovery process. An important feature is subjective pain evaluation based on which psychological techniques for pain management are provided.

Overweight and obesity

It is estimated that every third kid is currently overweight and these numbers are rising rapidly. The numbers have already tripled in only one generation. Now, it is truly the time to reduce the risk of lifestyle associated diseases among children who are overweight or obese. Our game helps kids to engage in healthy behaviors and gives them psychological support in the path of making healthier choices. We have also discussed weight problems on our blog previously.

In September, we are giving a thorough overview of each disease path in the game. Stay tuned!