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Triumf game for health: major design update for improved user experience

We have recently added more paths to our Triumf health game, which is now available for following pediatric conditions: cancer, diabetes, asthma, overweight and surgery. After many months of hard work in improving the app to include more diseases, give better support and a more engaging experience, we finally also updated our visuals of the UI with a cute and toonish style that is better suited for our young audience. This blog post gives a visual overview of this major update.

The user interface (UI) of apps is important because that is how people interact with your product to achieve their needs and goals. The look and feel of an app is especially important for kids as they are commonly using a lot of different apps and games on a daily basis and keep regularly going back only to the ones they really like. If the solution is not visually appealing, users would be less inclined to use it. But we need to make the game as attractive as possible in order for them to receive all the support they need and we offer through the game environment.

We believe that the changes we have made speak for themselves. Triumf game is now more pleasant to the eye and altogether delivering a better experience for ill chidren. You can compare the old and new look below and read about some important reasons for focusing on user experience in health technology.

Before / After Triumf_Health_Game

Perfecting the functionality

The aim of our game is to educate, monitor and support patients during their treatment. Offering the support in an attractive way allows the users to get the maximum benefits out of our solution as it increases the chances of them using it more often.

Before / After Triumf_Health_app

Improving user retention

As said above, it is important that the users keep coming back in order for them to receive the full benefits from the game. Focusing on user interface design and user experience allows us to create a situation where users who love our game will keep coming back and use the app. That's why the retention percentage rates of a great solution are significantly higher than that for an occasionally used app. It has been often stated that user retention is a common problem in health technology solutions. We try to do our best to make the game not only effective but also attractive.

Before / After Memory_game

User interface design can make or break the customer base. Do you think we succeeded in creating a better experience for the kids?


Leandro Gil


Leandro Gil

Leandro has extensive experience in game development in addition to his excellent skills in game design. Former Gameloft Argentina team lead.