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Towards happier families: Triumf Health will release an health app for parents

There are various medical apps for parents, many of which can be beneficial throughout the child's development. Although helpful, these applications are rather generic with only very few solutions providing a personalised approach. Triumf app for parents fills this gap! In 2020, Triumf Health is launching an essential health app for parents. The aim of the mobile application is to give parents information about their child’s health and wellbeing and support their own self-efficacy. Learn how!

What is the Triumf app for parents for?
  • Empowering parents
  • Creating a communication bridge between the child and the parent
  • Offering clinician-approved suggestions related to health and wellbeing
  • Stress-relieving tools for parents for better coping
Why is the Triumf app for parents good for me?

Is your child struggling with a chronic health condition such as cancer, asthma or diabetes? Or perhaps your child experiences weight issues, and thus can be at risk of developing lifestyle-associated diseases? In that case, you must be overwhelmed with all the health-related information that your doctor gives you (not to even talk about all the information available online). Triumf app for parents helps you because we know how burdening any disease management for the whole family is.

Triumf app for parents offers validated information on the health and wellbeing of your child, therefore creating a communication bridge between you and your child. For example, did you know that the fear of pain is often even worse than the pain itself for kids? How should you handle this situation? Where should you seek for support? And that’s only one really small topic of interest, there is so much more health related information to share and support with. Triumf medical app for parents

However, health-related information can also overload kids. For kids to be an active part of their own health, the information is absolute necessity - children need to be continuously educated on their wellbeing. But when too much is given too soon or not when needed, it increases the risk of burnout from disease management. How to solve this issue? Since the Triumf app for parents can be used in connection with the Triumf game for kids, you would see what information your child has received and the parental app gives you suggestions on how to discuss those topics further.

Another option is to use the Triumf app independently and rely on the validated information that is available in the application. It proposes various general topics to discuss with your kid on a daily basis and also gives suggestions on how to do it. The application as a standalone solution can be a valuable tool - we’re dedicated to providing trustworthy information, such as the one received from the doctor. It means that you don’t have to navigate through extensive online information, especially given that most of it can be inaccurate. Triumf app for parents relieves the burden of finding reliable, effective health-related information.

As mentioned earlier, we know how burdening pediatric disease management is for the whole family. How do you cope in this situation? It is beyond difficult in the fast-paced society to take care of work life, home, personal health and then monitor a child’s health. Of course, providing the best care for children is a priority - we truly believe in all parents and are here to support you. We know that you are doing the best you can, which is why we would like to empower you through the Triumf app, especially when times are tough. In addition to daily empowering reminders, the solution also offers stress-relieving features and includes an option to chat with mental health experts that you can use exactly when you need them.

What are the features of the Triumf app for parents?

You can use the app as a standalone application or in connection with the Triumf game for kids. You will be able to learn more about children’s wellbeing and how social factors can influence it. It gives an overview of various therapeutic methods available to improve the health of your child, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, family therapy, to name a few. Furthermore, if you would like to receive support via the app (delivered by psychologist and available first via chat), you have this option!

The app includes the child health tracker (self-reported monitoring feature) and the main health and wellbeing topics covered in the game are the following:

  • Wellbeing
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Physical activity
  • Hygiene
  • Health problems

We also cover social factors including family relations, interacting with friends, school and bullying and last but not least, online social skills and bullying.

To continue, the users receive daily tips and tricks on how to cope better as a family. The main features in addition to child’s health monitoring and the informational value are:

  • Peer support forum
  • Relieve your own stress
  • Chat with mental health experts
How to use the Triumf app for parents in connection with the Triumf game for kids?

Essentially, you have two options: you can connect the Triumf app for parents with the Triumf game for kids or use it independently as a standalone solution. Once connected with the Triumf application for children, personalized recommendations are offered based on the progress of your child in the Triumf game. But not to overwhelm you - only one suggested topic is offered at a time. The rest of the recommendations can be easily found any time, you can browse the topics through whenever you have time and need extra support.

If you are able to make the app individualized (pair it with the Triumf game), you need to make sure that your health insurance covers the Triumf game for kids. Those two solutions can be connected only if the game is prescribed by the doctor. Once connected with the Triumf health game for kids, Triumf app for parents is for helping you to keep track of your child’s health and wellbeing in a personalized way.

When will it become available and how much does it cost?

We would like to launch the solution in the second half of 2020, it will be available for both Android and iOS for you to be able to download it from Google Play or App Store. You will have an opportunity to use the Triumf app as a standalone solution for having the most important health-related information always at hand or pair it with the Triumf game for a completely personalized approach. Contact us to learn more about the pricing.

Towards integrating care

The environment is very important and parents have a huge role in their kids’ health and treatment. This solution allows the integration of care for children with complex healthcare needs. Get in touch to learn more! Would you like to test the solution or propose a new feature? We are open for collaboration.


Dr. Kadri Haljas


Dr. Kadri Haljas

Being an expert in the mental burden of chronic disease, Kadri is the idea generator and Triumf team leader. She has a background in clinical psychology and research.