Creating healthier futures for ill children

The exciting start of 2020 for Triumf Health

2020 is already three months in and it’s safe to say the start of the year has been exciting for Triumf. Starting from the Estonian Start-Up Awards to receiving congratulations from Nasdaq on Times Square last month, we’ve received a great recognition for our digital health game for children. But in the background, we’ve been busy with business development, including grant applications, preparing for Latitude40 event in New York and temporarily expanding to Madrid Google campus. More below:

Personalised Triumf health game for children

We’re currently preparing applications for numerous exciting projects that significantly help advance the personalisation of our health game for kids and scale the solution to various markets. We’re also working on adjusting the game for adults. That’s new! And really exciting.

First and foremost, Kadri has been actively involved in preparing a proposal for the EIT Innovation Project addressing the societal challenges. For that we’re bringing together strong academical and business-oriented institutions from Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Israel to achieve two main aims: 1) develop and implement machine learning algorithm to provide personalized support for children who are having health issues and since it’s a market-facing project, our goal is to 2) generate immediate revenues when introduced in the market. The project will last from for 2021-2022.

Additionally, since the algorithms we’ve created for children are also applicable to adults, we’re excited to be writing a proposal to support adult disease management through the H2020 RIA (Research and Innovation Action) call. In the pipeline we’ve also got NUTIKAS grant, which supports the collaboration of academic institutions and enterprises for product development or implementation study.

Triumf prepares for new market entries

However, whilst we’ve got a strong emphasis on advancing Triumf health app, we are taking dedicated steps towards launching new market entries. The need for earlier and more effective access to comprehensive psychological and behavioural support is universal and after we showed high usability and acceptability of our solution amongst pediatric patients, Triumf health game is ready for prescription in clinical context. This is further supported by the recent rewiev we received from ORCHA, where our health app was rated with a high quality score of 81%, making it a top children's app with highest clinical impact.

With that in mind, we’re seeking support from EIT Bridgehead and Headstart grants. Whilst Headstart aims to accelerate the market launch of selected healthcare start-ups, Bridgehead Global is an internationalisation programme to facilitate European health start-ups in scaling out beyond Europe. For us, the biggest interest around Europe lies in the UK, German and Israeli market, which we'd like to pursue with if we're successful with one of the grants. As a health technology start-up with a focus on social impact, we see a huge value in these grants to support the development and scaling of our solution.

Talking about new locations and markets, Triumf Health got selected as a Google for Startups member in Madrid and so I’ll be based here for the next three months. It’s a good opportunity for us to get to know the ecosystem better, whilst establishing a network and understanding of the need for digital health solutions for children in Spain. If you know anyone in Spain who's interested in leveraging digital health for children's health, make them known.

In the end of the month I’ll also be travelling to Latitude40 event in New York as part of the ambitious Estonian startup delegation. Latitude40 is a full-day event offering insights into the origins and future of Estonia’s unique e-State and digital society with high-level speakers joining from both Estonia and New York. Super excited for the event itself and scouting NY’s digital health landscape.

Meanwhile, we’re running randomised control trials in Singapore, Estonia and Finland amongst various disease groups and are paving a way to UK’s National Health System (NHS). Our seed round is also open and Kadri has been busy with investment meetings.

To conclude, we’re at a very exciting stage at the moment. Thanks for following our mission of creating healthier futures for ill children.


Kaari Kink


Kaari Kink

With her background in health sciences and physical activity, she brings expertise in inducing behavioral change.