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The challenges and opportunities of 2020 for Triumf Health

The first half of 2020 is already over, and it’s safe to say the journey has been somewhat turbolent. The unexpected course of events in the world has brought a lot of changes for everyday lives, businesses, the economy. For Triumf Health, too, the year has gone differently than planned with many new challenges and opportunities emerging from the situation. Looking back to the last six months can we predict what the next half of the year will bring?

2020 was a great start for Triumf and our digital health platform for pediatric patients received great recognition, both nationally and globally. We were proud to receive three nominations in the Estonian Startup Awards: The Impact Visionary for Triumf Health and the Stereotype Crusher as well as The Founder of the Year for our CEO Kadri Haljas. Interesting fact: did you know Estonia is called European Silicon Valley as we have the highest rates of startups (and unicorns!) per capita in Europe?

The start of 2020 also witnessed one of the most magical events for the company so far. Triumf Health was congratulated on Times Sqaure by Nasdaq for our achievement at the EIT Health Catapult contest. The statement was released after Triumf won the audience award in the memory of honorable Alex Casta. We're proud to be the first Estonian startup to receive such an extensive coverage on Times Square, New York City.

Soon after, Triumf Health was also represented in Madrid after being accepted to Google Campus for Startups and was preparing to go to New York as part of the ambitious Estonian startup delegation. However, following the outbreak of COVID19, the whole team found itself back in Estonia and quickly mobilised to respond to the new situation.

As such, for the first time, Triumf launched an extension to the digital therapeutics platform as a free public health app to support all children during isolation and stressful times. Being a platform based solution has always been a strong advantage, meaning new pathways can easily be implemented whilst maintaining the underlying personalised psycho-social support. Our efforts to support the mental health of children received great coverage and support from all over Europe, which resulted in a great number of players. The feedback we’ve received from kids themselves has been incredibly valuable and reassuring, helping us improve the platform significantly further.

Launching the public health application has also resulted in great partnership opportunities. Our digital therapeutics solution not only allows monitoring of mental health issues but also delivers timely personalised support, which enables to detect and prevent the development of mental health disorders. Amongst other benefits, this comprehensive approach serves as a highly important and novel way of mapping the impact of COVID19 amongst children. As such, since April, we’ve been actively collaborating with research institutions and universities to contribute to wider research regarding prevelence of mental health during COVID19 and using digital mental health solutions to relieve the burden of the pandemic. This has been a major learning curve for us and has accelerated the business in ways that we couldn’t predict in the beginning of the year. For one thing, the awareness of Triumf's digital therapeutics increased greatly - check out some of the publications below.

Most significantly, Triumf Health is incredibly proud to have formed a consortium in collaboration with University of Tartu, University of Tampere and Uppsala University to respond to the European Commision’s call SC1-PHE-CORONAVIRUS-2020-2C: Behavioural, social and economic impacts of the outbreak response. The goal of the project is to use digital health platform Triumf to assess the prevalence of mental health problems and provide high-quality, evidence-based psychological support for children. In addition, The University of Tartu Institute of Psychology and Triumf Health started an impact study of the digital health game for children. Although currently paused for summer, we’ll continue the study during Autumn when kids are going back to school.

Last but not least, we’re very excited to have been accepted to the X-Europe programme. Although mostly virtual, the programme is incredibly well organised and activities well catered for health technology startups. We cannot wait for the mentoring sessions with Growth Tribe already who has guided sessions for team at impressive businesses such as LinkedIn, Deloitte and Spotify.

It’s with great curiosity that we’re preparing for the second half of the year during this uncertain times globally. Yet, it’s exciting to see the increased awareness and adoption of health technology and we at Triumf are committed to contribute to the ambition of healthier and happier populations.

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