Creating healthier futures for ill children

Graphics update for improved user experience (UX)

Triumf intervention for ill children is delivered through a game environment to reach young patients in a safe, intuitive and engaging way. Our gamified digital health solution offers psychological and behavioural support to improve children's mental health and treatment engagement. Regular updates to Triumf game help boost user experience (UX) and optimal user engagement.

Last year, our clinical trials confirmed that game environment is an effective medium for delivering supportive comprehensive care to pediatric patients and is suitable for clinical contexts. However, game environment itself should not be static. To maximise engagement and entertainment, and help children progress in the game, we need to constantly improve the app and UX.

By definition, UX is the overall experience of a person using a product such as an application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. If we want our internvention to be effective and provide an enjoyable experience for kids, we need to meet their needs. For that we go back to our young patients and implement adjustments based on their feedback. Moreover, weekly updates allow the addition of new features, fix small bugs, modify graphics, or sometimes, drive bigger fundamental changes in the design and content of the game. Here we give an update on the graphic changes that have taken place in the last couple of months.

  • The environment is more alive thanks to some tiny (but powerful) animations have a look at the water, wind turbines and boats for example.

  • We've also added proper textures to the terrain and worked on the blending between them to avoid unnatural cut out

  • Color style has changed to achieve a more toonish and cheerful look

There is still room for improvement but we are moving in the right direction. Regular small updates help implement the feedback from patients to provide them with best gaming experience. Currently we are working on a new exciting mini-game, stay tuned for more updates.


Leandro Gil


Leandro Gil

Leandro has extensive experience in game development in addition to his excellent skills in game design. Former Gameloft Argentina team lead.